Apple – March 2016 Event

Oh wow, this is exciting, Apple announced the latest device and technology today once again. As I am the big fans and Apple users, of cause I been watching the announcement live on Here If I earn a lot in the future, I’ll definitely travel to the US for the event, but before that let’s get things done.

The first thing I impressed about its how Apple gonna recycle the old device, they develop a robot called “Liam”, and it will tear every device into pieces, and recycle accordingly. This is how the machine work:

Liam Machine

I’m the big fans of the Apple Watch, I have several strap in my house, and I have got my credit card ready. The first impression on the strap, it’s so colourful, I love the blue green strap, but the thing is, the connection looks so plastic, and this didn’t look like Apple so much, but I believe on the quality made by Apple.

After a few announcement, Its time for the new iPhone coming. Surprisingly, the iPhone SE wasn’t the design we expected, it is the exact design as the iPhone 5s, but comes with the power of iPhone 6 but smaller, without the 3D touch and optically stable lens.

Next, iPad, I always wish Apple will announce a smaller version of iPad Pro, and there it is a 9.7 inch iPad Pro with A9X chip, bigger storage space (Up to 256 GB), and with new colour tone display by matching the ambient light. But this is not the time for me to upgrade my iPad yet, might need to wait for another version, probably iPad Pro 2? Hopefully.